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Our non-profit organization partners with women and children in domestic violence shelters in Adelaide offering a handmade comfort scarf and inspirational message for winter.

"To the broken and brave who know that when the stakes are the highest, kindness matters the most"


Hi I'm Rachael and I am finally ready to tell my life story through the powerful use of social media and how I am turning some horrific experiences in my life into beauty for women and children who are going through these experiences right now.

It has taken me years to recover from domestic violence situations and to know that it was not my fault. Partially growing up in a shelter to leaving a partner; I now know how to love and support myself to not fall into those situations again, and, most importantly not imitate the actions of the people who chose to treat me badly. 

We all need to be loved and I believe the giving of a scarf for winter next year, from people who have survived domestic violence, will go towards health and recovery to know that this is only temporary.

How can i support?

If you love knitting and can help out with knitting a comfort scarf, I will provide the yarn and needles, then please get in touch at comfortscarves.rachael@gmail.com

Additionally I would like to invite guest speakers to private knitting events to inspire volunteers on their journey for knitting comfort scarves. If interested please get in touch at comfortscarves.rachael@gmail.com

how can i donate?

Funds are required to purchase yarn and knitting needles for volunteers to knit quite a large demand for scarves by March 2024. If you can afford a donation please send below:


Alternatively I would be grateful for yarn donations, please email comfortscarves.rachael@gmail.com


Lets walk through this brave new door together, supported and loved.

If you would like to reach out to share a personal story or be interviewed as a clinical psychologist or family therapist to provide advice please reach out to:




As part of our contribution to the cause, community involvement is such a lovely way to connect, hear individual stories and continually raise awareness. This is the next chapter of what Comfort Scarves would like to do. If you are interested in helping to provide material or a donation towards setting up the summer iced tea stands then please reach out to comfortscarves.rachael@gmail.com
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Knit and Learn

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